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Bach On Bach: Descendant Of Famed Baroque Composer Launches Most Comprehensive Bach Web Portal

Bach On Bach: Descendant Of Famed Baroque Composer Launches Most Comprehensive Bach Web Portal

FLEIN, GERMANY, October 30th , 2017 – Five years ago, a man’s life, and mission, was forever changed, after coming across a genealogy connection that placed him in the lineage of classical music royalty. Upon researching her husband’s, Mr. Peter Bach, Jr’s genealogy, Mrs. Renate Bach found out that he was a distant relative of Johann Sebastian Bach. Together, the husband-and-wife duo instantly decided to make archiving Bach’s history on the web their life’s mission, founding the German Bach Uber Bach website, as well as its English counterpart, Bach On Bach.

Perfect for established Bach fans, as well as those new to Bach, the website features a wealth of information, and multiple media files, which make for a treasure trove of knowledge on the prominent Baroque composer. Covering multiple aspects of Bach’s biography, and legacy, the Bach On Bach website contains extensive information on all things Bach, including Bach cities, Bach monuments, videos, music, Bach choirs and societies, stamps, and quotations attributed to the famous composer. What’s more, the website covers the life of Bach’s progeny, providing short biographies for children; a video biography of Bach; facts, and a dedicated FAQ section, which addresses over 100 commonly asked questions about Bach.

Narrated short videos that appear on the website include a mini Bach biography; a “trip with Bach around the world on stamps”, a video on Bachhaus in Eisenach, 14; introductory videos to the most important places related to Bach’s life, and even funny Bach videos. What’s more, the site boasts an impressive multimedia collection, comprised of 1,089 music videos, which include 33 of Bach’s music works. The videos can be combined with a supplementary material 33 photo collections. Kid visitors can enjoy pictures of kitten and doggies, while grownups can view beautiful pictures of US national parks, Venice masks and tourist destinations in Germany.

During the past two years, a great effort has been made on the part of the website’s founders to translate the Bach Über Bach content, in full, so as to successfully migrate it to the Bach On Bach website. Currently at the final stages of translation, the Bach On Bach website is soon to reach the level of perfection of its German mother website.

Part of this project are many narrated short videos: a miniature biography, a “trip with Bach around the world on stamps”, one about the Bachhaus in Eisenach, 14 introduce Bach places, and share funny Bach videos.

Finally, what makes Bach On Bach stand out is its multilingual section, where non-English speakers have the chance to delve into the world of Bach. Certain videos, as well as captions pertaining to Bach’s music, and certain Bach-themed stamp collections on display on the site, are available in 50 different languages, so as they can be enjoyed by readers from all around the world.

Currently, the couple’s attention has been divided on different aspects of their business’s development. As Mr. Bach continues to author several Bach-related websites, his wife tries to refinance all expenses through her publishing house. In her shop, she sells – beyond all Bach themed merchandise – 99 music calendars, which include 33 Bach calendars; 33 composer calendars, and 33 music calendars.

Mr. Bach shared that his future plans center on inviting universities and music faculties to help to recruit volunteers, which help with improving the site’s content, as well as its translation to English.

No further information is available at this time. Any further developments concerning Bach On Bach will be communicated with the press through future releases.



To learn more about Bach On Bach, please visit: and (German version).

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